NEW Instant Essiac Tea

NEW: Instant Essiac 8 Herb Tea. We now offer you a new choice in Essiac Tea.   With Instant Essiac, you have a cup of brewed eight herb tea in just seconds. Simply “empty packet into cup-add hot water and enjoy"! Each packet is equivalent to 2 oz. of brewed tea. One package is a two week supply for aggressive dose and 1-2 month for maintenance dose. 

New Essiac Instant Tea

Click to order Essiac Instant Tea, 60 Count Bag $59.99

Since it is based on our original 8 herb formula, it provides the same effectiveness as our powder and our soft gels.  Super convenient, instant essiac is portable with no refrigeration needed.  It comes in small packets that you can take anywhere.  We have also added a pleasant lemon natural flavor to remove the bitterness of the watercress making it a more pleasant way of drinking it.

Whether you are fighting an illness or you just want to stay healthy and improve your immune system, getting healthy and staying that way just got easier.

  • Quick and easy to prepare; just add hot water.
  • Totally portable and no refrigeration needed.
  • Natural lemon flavor!
  • No bitter taste!