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When purchasing essiac, we provide several options for your convenience. An increased savings is added to our already low prices when you increase your purchase amount.  

MOST PEOPLE PURCHASE the 3-LB. 4-OZ. size which is a SIX MONTH SUPPLY for the aggressive dose (9 oz. day). This will last approximately 13 months for those on the maintenance/preventive dose of 4 oz./day

PRICE LIST FOR 1 LB. BAGS IN BULK FORM (more economical option: you simply weigh herbs about every 2 weeks.)

1 lb.polybags

Click here to order 3 lb 4 oz. bulk essiac for 94.99 (save 10.00, Get a Free Gallon, Free Shipping)

Click here to order 1 lb. essiac in one package for 34.99

Click here to order 4 lbs. in four 1 lb. bags for 120.00 (save 20.00, Free Shipping) 

PRICE LIST FOR 1 OZ. AND 4 OZ. PRE-MEASURED for added convenience.

1 oz. polybags

Click here to order 1 lb. essiac in sixteen 1 oz. bags for 49.99

Click here to order 2 lb. 3 oz. essiac in thirty-five 1 oz. bags for 94.99 (save 10.00)

4 oz. polybags

Click here to order 3 lb. 4 oz. essiac in thirteen 4 oz packages 129.99 

Click here to order 6 lb. 8 oz. essiac in twenty-six 4 oz packages 249.99 (save 10.00)

Click here to order 1 lb. essiac in four 4 oz packages for 44.99

1 bottle of 120 Essiac softgels

Click to order 120 softgels,
1 bottle - $42.99

New Essiac Instant Tea

Click to order Essiac Instant Tea,
60 Count Bag - $59.99

Essiac Instant Tea by Herbal Balance for Life, Inc.