Essiac Tea and its Many Uses

Although Essiac Tea is widely known for its treatment in symptoms of cancer, many customers have had vast improvements with other ailments. It is being taken for a whole host of ailments and illnesses. Because Essiac is a broad spectrum tea, meaning it treats the body as a whole, it can help to heal the body of various illnesses. I regularly have customers tell me how these potent herbs have alleviated their pain and healed their illness. They have given up their over the counter and prescription medications which often have side effects. Sometimes the side effects cause them even more problems. Essiac Tea can help greatly with disorders such as:

ARTHRITIS: The tea works as an anti-inflammatory and pain reducer therefore reducing the symptoms greatly

ACID REFLUX AND DIGESTIVE ISSUES: It helps stop acid in its tracks and soothes the digestive tract

MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS: Balances the female hormones relieving symptoms such as hot flashes and lethargy

CONSTIPATION: Because it is a detoxing tea, it works through the colon, regulating it

COLD AND FLU PREVENTION: You will see a vast decrease in colds and flu due to its power in boosting the immune system

CANCER PREVENTION: Those who have a history of cancer or a history in their families help to ward off the disease and decrease the chance of the cancer returning by keeping their bodies clean and strong

DIABETES AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Many customers have seen improvement with just a few ounces of the tea a day

With just a few ounces a day, your body will feel the difference. These are 8 powerful herbs which detox, build the immune system and heal the body.