How We Became
Involved with Essiac Tea is owned by Karen and Dan Madigan. Karen has been a nurse since 1983. Over the years she has treated many individuals with various illnesses. She understands the fears and anxieties associated with illness and knows that you may be unsure about alternative treatments.

Although she fully acknowledges the importance of traditional medical care, she also recognizes the role that alternative medicine has in healing the body. Many people feel strongly toward one method OR the other, ‘picking sides’ so to speak.

Karen, through personal experience and first hand observation, believes that both forms of treatment play an important role in health care. In fact, often times they can enhance each other. Alternative medicine not only helps those who are sick, but can also serve as a preventive measure against sickness. Some may be concerned that essiac tea will interfere with their present medications. There has been no evidence that this is the case.

One thing is for certain. A weak immune system invites disease, therefore, keeping this system strong is crucial in fighting and preventing illness. This herbal tea works holistically to treat and prevent illness by boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body. Karen has always been interested in helping people. That is why she became a nurse. She has seen for years how WELL this tea works so when the opportunity arose enabling her to help others with this tea, she was thrilled. She has made this her full time commitment, and she is truly excited to have this opportunity to help those who are sick as well as those interested in maintaining their good health. Her primary focus is to ensure a top quality product which is affordable to everyone who needs it.

The first time Dan heard about this product was eighteen years ago. He had no idea that this incredible tonic existed or what healing properties it possessed. By nature he has always been a cynic; however, one night he found himself over the house of one of his dearest friends who was involved with Essiac. He remembers how ecstatic he was that the tea he provided was working so well. He pulled out letter after letter of testimonials from people who were using it and had new found hope when conventional medicine said there was none to be found.

Dan couldn’t believe that something this beneficial and natural was not being shouted from the mountaintops for everyone to hear. He asked his friend if this was a new product. He replied “No, it has been around for decades.” How come I never heard of it? Like most people Dan was in the dark because for years it had only been a word of mouth treatment originating in Canada.

Dan’s friend was working directly with the original researchers (Dr. Charles Brusch and Rene Caisse) that brought it down from Canada. Dan was so impressed (blown away literally) with all the testimonials praising it’s natural healing abilities that whenever he knew of someone who was ill or had cancer he felt morally obligated to tell them about its benefits and to put them in contact with his friend. Dan told friends, acquaintances and in some cases total strangers. In all honesty he could never look at himself in the mirror if he just sat by and never mentioned that essiac is a holistic and natural healing treatment that has been proven successful over and over again.

So from that night on Dan has been deeply involved with distributing essiac tea to many, many appreciative and satisfied customers. Now we are reaching out on the Internet to spread the word about our wonderful product. Our goal is to not only service our customers with the best immune boosting, detoxifying product, but to let the world know that we are here and ready to serve them.