The History of Essiac

It is thought that essiac was used by Native Americans for the purpose of treating various maladies. Rene Caisse, a nurse, was given this formula by one of her patients who was using it to treat her own cancer. Although her cancer was improved, this version of the formula did not help a good many others who tried it.

Modifications to the Formula had to be Made

After many years of research, doctors eventually developed an injectable version of the formula which proved to work better. All of this information has been documented in testimonials written by Rene Caisse as well as signed papers by staff physicians.

After several attempts by Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch’s brother to get permission for doctors to inject the authentic formula, the Canadian Government denied their requests. The Canadian Ministry of Health had strict rules regarding injectable medications.

Rene Caisse refused to give up. In 1959, she and Dr. Charles Brusch of the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and President John F. Kennedy's private physician, set out to create and oral version to be taken in tea form, since there were fewer government regulations for this form. The four herb formula was never meant to be taken orally.

Rene Caisse Signs Rights over to Resperin Corp.

In 1977, Rene Caisse signed over a four herb formula to Resperin Corp. of Canada under the agreement that Resperin would complete clinical tests on the formula. If the contract was breached, sole rights of the formula would be handed over to Dr. Charles Brusch, who had already performed clinical tests with Rene Caisse. It turns out that Resperin breached the contract by never completing the tests, but the formula still remained with them.

Dr. Charles Brusch and the Authentic Essiac Formula

After further research, an oral essiac formula was developed that contained eight herbs, including the four herbs from the formula that was designed to be injected. Exclusive rights to the formula were left to Dr. Charles Brusch in 1977 (a year prior to Rene Caisse's death). This formula was proven to be the most effective formula to date.

The eight herb formula Rene Caisse revealed to Dr. Charles Brusch contained: Burdock Root, Blessed Thistle, Kelp, Red Clover, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Turkish Rhubarb Root, and Watercress. Brusch performed eight years of clinical research on this oral form of essiac. He even took it himself when he fell ill with cancer. Brusch made the claim that this eight herb essiac alone cured his cancer.

Although Dr. Brusch and Caisse experimented with other forms of essiac such as tablets and tinctures, nothing proved as effective as the tea form (sometimes referred to as the juice form).

Rene Caisse passed away in 1978, and Dr. Brusch passed away in 1993. The eight herb formula that was found to be superior in the Brusch clinical trials is the most effective form of essiac tea available and THIS is what we provide. If you are going to use this remarkable tea, we hope you use the best available. For an extended history of essiac click here