Order Essiac and Price List

When purchasing essiac, we provide several options for your convenience. An increased savings is added to our already low prices when you increase your purchase amount.  

MOST PEOPLE PURCHASE the 3-LB. 4-OZ. size which is a SIX MONTH SUPPLY for the aggressive dose (9 oz. day). This will last approximately 13 months for those on the maintenance/preventive dose of 4 oz./day

PRICE LIST FOR 1 LB. BAGS IN BULK FORM (more economical option: you simply weigh herbs about every 2 weeks.)

1 lb.polybags

Click here to order 3 lb 4 oz. bulk essiac for 114.99 (save 35.00, Get a Free Gallon)

Click here to order 1 lb. essiac in one package for 49.99

Click here to order 4 lbs. in four 1 lb. bags for 145.00 (save 55.00) 

PRICE LIST FOR 1 OZ. AND 4 OZ. PRE-MEASURED for added convenience.

1 oz. polybags

Click here to order 1 lb. essiac in sixteen 1 oz. bags for 64.99

Click here to order 2 lb. 3 oz. essiac in thirty-five 1 oz. bags for 114.99 (save 25.00)

4 oz. polybags

Click here to order 3 lb. 4 oz. essiac in thirteen 4 oz packages 144.99 

Click here to order 6 lb. 8 oz. essiac in twenty-six 4 oz packages 269.99 (save 25.00)

Click here to order 1 lb. essiac in four 4 oz packages for 54.99

1 bottle of 120 Essiac softgels

Click to order 120 softgels,
1 bottle - $42.99