Essiac for Your Pets

Essiac not only works for humans, but also for our pets. Too many pets suffer from illnesses. Cancer, in particular, is on the rise in pets. The reasons are unknown and the theories vary. Some reasons are no different than those for humans. Pollutants, food quality and additives are among the culprits. Whether or your pet is ill or you want to keep them healthy, longer, we highly recommend this tea. Being a previous owner of a pet business, I encountered many pets who had tumors, cancer, arthritis and diabetes along with other ailments. My customers were impressed with the positive effects this product had on their dogs, cats and other pets. They claimed that the overall health and energy of their pets improved while taking this tea.

Essiac may prevent illness or inhibit the growth of an existing tumor in your pet. It will greatly boost the immune system while removing toxins which will protect the body against illness and increase energy. This tea has the power to give your beloved pet a better quality of life.

Because your pet's weight differs from humans, the dosage will also be different.

Please note: These tea dosages for pets are not backed by clinical studies. They are based on personal experiences and customer feedback. The original doses given by Rene Caisse were lower, however, we have noted better results with the higher dosages. Since the rhubarb can cause diarrhea in pets due to their short digestive systems, start with less tea and gradually increase according to your pet's tolerance level. Please use your own discretion. Although our goal is to improve your pet's health, be sure to weigh this against the level of diarrhea, if any. These dosages are for pets who are ill.  For general health, cut the dosage in half. 

If your pet weighs up to 15 lbs.

START WITH 1/2 oz. of tea per day. If tolerated well, WORK UP TO 1/2 oz. of tea twice per day.

If your pet weighs 15-35 lbs.

START WITH 1/2 ounce twice per day. If tolerated well, WORK UP TO 1 ounce twice per day.

If your pet weighs 35-55 lbs.

START WITH 1 ounce twice per day. If tolerated well, WORK UP TO 2 ounces twice per day.

If your pet weighs 55-85 lbs.

START WITH 2 ounces twice per day. WORK UP TO 3 ounces twice per day.

If your pet weighs 85 lbs. or more,

START WITH 3 ounces twice per day. WORK UP TO 3 ounces three times per day.

Although the dosage may be different, the tea is still brewed the same way. If you'll be using 4 oz. of tea or less per day for the entire family, prepare 1 quart of tea at a time. If you'll be using more than 4 oz. of tea per day for the entire family, prepare 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon at a time. click for brewing instructions Most pets will take essiac with no problem, but others will resist taking their essiac dosage. Try mixing it in with a liquid and using a syringe or turkey baster. If this fails, you can mix it in with food although do this as a last resort since it is preferred to take essiac on an empty stomach. However, taking it with food is better than not taking it at all. The tea will increase your pet's thirst so be sure there is plenty of water available.

Disclaimer: Essiac is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem, including cancer. We do not represent it as such on this site. You must determine whether essiac is a treatment method you should pursue. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts in the alternative treatment world as well as actual users of essiac. We believe that our formula is the most effective essiac formula being sold in the world, and that our essiac tea ingredients are of the highest quality. However, we do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact.