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I am a firm believer that seeing is believing. There is no better way to judge our product than to read the words of people like yourself that have already tried our product and found the benefits to be genuine and health promoting.


I started drinking essiac tea after being diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 52. I was introduced to this tea by a friend who told me that his mother-in-law's cancer had not returned after 5 years and swears by this herbal tea.  My cancer was already advanced so I thought why not? I'll try it.  I used this drink while I was using the traditional treatment and it has been over 3 years since my diagnosis.  While I had cancer, I used the Aggressive dose PLUS. I still drink 4 oz. a day and I feel fantastic! This whole ordeal caused a lot of fatigue but the this tea has really helped keep my energy up.  I now go to the gym a few times a week and feel great.  I am on a budget and I couldn't believe I found such a great product at a price I can afford.  I tell everyone I can about this drink whether they are ill or not.

Walter P.


A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with a syndrome called Guillian Barre which developed from having the flu.  It attacked my nervous system leaving me barely able to walk and unable to move my right arm at all. The doctors told me it may take several months before I am completely back to normal.  When I returned from the hospital, I began taking essiac tea. My condition began to improve and each day my strength was returning.  On my next doctor's visit three weeks later, he truly couldn't believe how well I was coming along.  He stated that this is one of the fastest recoveries from this syndrome that he has seen.  I believe that this tea is helping my body heal itself faster and giving me some of the much needed energy back that I lost.  

Ann Marie S.
Los Angeles, CA


On February 22, 2007 at St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston, ME my last birthday present was the removal of my left kidney, as a growth had developed undetected.  At home I started on Essiac tea, 4 oz. daily and within a week my evacuation of food almost doubled daily.  It also stopped the constant heartburn I had while sleeping.  I feel great every day now, and my doctor doesn't want to see me for six months as he likes my overall recovery.  

Joe M
Andover, ME


I began drinking essiac tea a few months ago as a preventive measure and to build my terrible immune system.  I heard about it from a friend whose mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She used chemotherapy and the cancer returned.  He told me that the doctors were concerned and not terribly hopeful.  She began a regime of 8 herb essiac tea for six months.  My friend cannot believe it but his mother is doing well.  The cancer is, at this time, still in remission two years later.  I feel more energetic since I started this tea.  Thank you Karen at Affordable Essiac Tea for this excellent product.

Melissa R


My husband loves what this tea is doing for him. He has neuropathy from diabetes...he is now off all his pain meds & antidepressants.
He sleeps well at night.  The only medicine he is still on is insulin.  As of
March 1, he does not smoke anymore...a habit he was never able to lick
before...we are assuming that the essiac tea pulled the toxins out of his body
& thus his cravings are gone. We intend to keep using essiac tea. He is still
doing 3 doses a day most days. Thank you for keeping it affordable!!

Shirley F.
Tomah, WI


I have been drinking essiac for about 2 months for colon cancer.  I chose not to take chemo at this time.  Although I don't go back to the doctor for 2 more months, I have noticed other changes in my health.  My blood sugar which usually runs a little high is now normal. Also, my high blood pressure is getting better and now I only need to take 1/4 the dose I was taking.  This is good news that I was not anticipating from the tea.  Thank you for such a top quality product!

Sheila H.
Pt. Pleasant, W.V.


In July of 2007, I was diagnosed with and operated on for stage four colon cancer.  I began taking chemotherapy right away, and just as quickly had to stop it. It would have cost me my life if I had continued.  In a miraculous way, I heard about essiac tea, and began taking it right away, and take to this day nine ounces a day, half in the morning, half in the evening. I also take 10 billion IU's of acidophilous daily in the same divided manner as the essiac tea.  I am sure I would not still be alive today if it weren't for these things.
I am still not at the same stamina level as before, but I am well enough to have raised a vegetable garden this year, tore down and rebuilt an antique lawn mower, maintain and repair a hundred year old house, mow about 6 acres and finished raising two grandchildren. I am now 72 years old.
A delightful surprise side effect of my medication is the disappearance of various skin cancer lesions that I had before beginning this treatment. They are almost all gone now. I know I am blessed, and feel compelled to share my story with anyone who cares to hear it.

Darrell D.


I have been suffering from hot flashes for over 15 years.  I tried many natural products and nothing helped until I tried Essiac Tea. It has stopped the hot flashes by regulating my hormones. I now sleep so much better at night. It has also boosted my immune system; I hardly ever get a cold even when I am exposed to people who are sick. You cannot beat the quality of these herbs for such a reasonable price.

Joan K.


When my mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer we decided to find an herbal treatment to coincide with her traditional treatment. After speaking with Karen who gave us so much of her time and support, we tried her essiac. Not only did it help with nausea, my mom is in remission. This tea helped her stay strong and more energetic than we expected. Thank you for this amazing product. She continues to drink a maintenance dose daily and is doing great. I drink it now too for my immune system and hopefully prevent cancer as well.

Patricia P.


I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and the doctors wanted to operate. I decided to try the natural route first and I am so glad I did. I have been drinking this eight herb formula for 5 months and my symptoms are gone. I feel good and I can't believe I don't need surgery. Karen is knowledgable and supportive. My doctor is so pleased and still surprised that this natural solution worked! 

Peter B



My husband has a large lump on the side of his neck. Since he has been drinking this essiac it has shrunk by 75%. We are so pleased with this tea! I am also drinking it for my immune system especially with winter coming. It has given me more energy. Thanks Karen for a great product.  Karen is wonderful.  She is a nurse and listens patiently whenever I call. She is honest, supportive and knowledgeable.  I am so glad we found her and her excellent essiac!

Mary V



I bought this eight herb tea for my friend who has a malignant lump on his lung.  He has been drinking the high dose for 3 months and the lump is shrinking.  His physician is so impressed; he told him that whatever he is doing, keep it up.  My friend was tired and looked pale when first diagnosed.  When I saw him recently he looked and felt a million times better.  His energy is up and his color is normal.  He said he feels good.  I am so glad I found this and that he agreed to try it! Thank you Karen for your potent tea.

Bill P.



My dog was diagnosed with cancer 14 months ago and was told he had 3 months at best to live and that chemo was not a real hopeful option.  I decided to try this Essiac 8 herb formula since I had nothing to lose.  For 14 months he has taken the gelcaps since it is so easy to give to him.  He has no symptoms of cancer at this point and although I have not had him rechecked yet, he is acting completely like his old self, with no symptoms.  I am thrilled and feel fortunate I found your website.   I am so blessed to have this extra time with him and enjoying every minute! Fingers crossed, he will continue on this path!

Charonne G.



We have been taking essiac for only a few days and my husband's snoring has improved since it is opening up his sinuses.  Also, I have noticed a big improvement in my hot flashes and inability to stay asleep.  I can hardly call them hot flashes. We both sleep so well now. Thank you!

Karen W.



I have been drinking essiac 4 oz. a day for about a year now.  My blood sugar numbers and diabetes have improved. I decided to buy it for my cousin who was diagnosed with lung cancer. The lump on his lung has shrunk to half its size and the physician is so impressed.  He did not want to go the traditional route so decided to drink the essiac tea. So far so good and we are looking forward to his next visit to the doctor. This tea is potent and pure. Thanks for a great product and taking the time to speak to me on the phone. 

Esther K.

New Jersey


I have heard about essiac tea for years but it wasn't until I had health issues that I decided to drink it. I chose the 8 herb formula since it has 4 added herbs.  I had pain from arthritis, gout in my leg and an area of skin cancer on my back.  After just two weeks at the aggressive dose my arthritic pain was better, the swelling in my calf from the gout was gone and eventually the skin lesion disappeared. I will continue to drink this tea every day.  It has been remarkable for me.

James M



I'm writing to thank you for this incredible tea. It has been life changing for me. I've been struggling with exhaustion and sick constantly for over a year. I've had so many tests done to find out what was wrong and they came back normal except for some elevated Epstein Barr numbers. I decided that if my body was struggling to fight this virus, I must strengthen my immune system. I tried eating paleo, juicing and a million supplements. Nothing helped. I was reading a health blog that I follow and they mentioned essiac tea. After some research, I decided to order the tea. When it arrived, my kids were sick with a respiratory bug. I was worried about getting it and following my usual pattern of being sick for weeks. I took my first dose and noticed a difference the first day. I felt energetic! I continued to take it and never did get that flu. I've been taking it for a month and I haven't gotten sick which is unheard of for me. I have so much energy. I am exercising for the first time in a year and a half! Thank you so much for making this tea!

Sonel P.



My wife has stage 4 lung cancer. She is taking an oral chemotherapy medication and it has been helping somewhat but not great.  She started drinking your 8 herb essiac almost two months ago faithfully, 9 oz. a day.  Her last exam showed the four lumps have shrunk almost completely and the Dr. said there is now only a trace of cancer.  We are so blessed to have found you and we will continue the high dose for several more months. God bless you!

Joseph H.

New Mexico


After only two months on your tea, my blood sugar levels have improved, I have more energy and I am sleeping better at night.  I do add a bit of stevia to sweeten it up as you suggested an I now look forward to my herbal medicine! Thank you for providing such a great product.

Mariam G.

South Dakota


I introduced this tea to two of my friends who had prostate cancer.  Both of them drank the tea for 6 months and both are doing very well. Their PSA numbers have dropped dramatically and they do not need any traditional treatment.  Thank you for such a great product. I'm so happy I could help my friends.

Dell P.



This is a personal testimonial. My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer last June, 2019. Since I have been selling this tea, he has seen so many of my customers improve their health.  Now that he needed it, he drank 9 oz. a day for 6 months. In between, he had a kidney and lymph node removed. The Doctors believed cancer cells were also seen in his abdominal wall.  When they did the biopsy, it was negative.  He switched to a plant based diet and drank essiac faithfully. We are so pleased that at this time he is cancer free!! 

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