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Our Essiac Guarantees

We at Affordable-Essiac-Tea.com have two guarantees. We guarantee a top quality product at an affordable price and we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We are so sure that you will come to trust us and benefit from our tea that we offer a money back guarantee.

With Our Guarantee, try it for 6 months.

This is the part where we put our money where our mouth is. If we are going to make the claim that our authentic essiac tea is the best on the market then we had better be prepared to back it up; and we are.

If you are not completely satisfied with our product or service, we will refund the price paid up to six months after your purchase. (This excludes shipping costs). Just call our toll-free number and we will promptly refund your money. We trust that you drink the tea for the six months at the recommended dosage.

We are able to sell our product at such a low price because we move so much of it. There is no need to add stress to anyone who is trying to find a remedy for something that ails them. Besides, that is not sound business. We rely on repeat customers and word of mouth. These are the staples of building a trusting relationship between customer and seller. You will find out that our prices are extremely low compared to other providers on the web and in stores. We are proud that we offer the best tea at prices of up to 70% savings over retail store prices.

We understand that no one is completely comfortable ordering a product from a site that they do not know (I am still waiting for merchandise I ordered from websites that guaranteed me they were legit, so I know the frustration of taking someone on their word when it is not reliable).

We take your health as seriously as you do. We would not be in business for as long we have been if we took an uncaring attitude toward your health and well-being. Health is a serious issue and we are serious in our commitment to excellence in both our service and our product. click here to view our low prices on our order page

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