NEW 8 Herb Essiac Softgels

Breakthrough in 8 Herb Essiac Formula

We now offer the 8 herb formula of Dr. Brusch in New Gelcaps.  These easy to swallow gelcaps were specifically formulated by chemists and contain the same potency as our original 8 herb formula of Dr. Brusch, President John F. Kennedy's private physician. And because they are softgels, they absorb quickly into the body, unlike capsules.


Unlike other capsules on the market today, each softgel is equivalent in potency to 1 oz. of brewed essiac tea. Therefore, the dosage is the same; 4 softgels a day for the maintenance dose for general detox and immune building and 8 or 9 softgels a day for the aggressive dose. This is for active cancer and we recommend 6 months of treatment for optimal results.

Essiac Softgels, 120 Count Bottle

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1 bottle - $42.99

Some of the Benefits of the Softgels are:

  • Super CONVENIENT. You can take them anywhere, anytime.
  • NO prep time
  • Absolutely NO TASTE
  • NO refrigeration needed as with the tea
  • Perfect for those who travel or have limited time
  • Good for supplemental midday dose when you are away from home

As with the tea, here are just some of the uses of the gelcaps:

  • cancers of all types
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • yeast infections
  • fatigue and low energy
  • acid reflux and digestive issues
  • arthritis
  • general pain and discomfort
  • skin conditions

Have a bottle on hand for those busy times when it may hard to get the tea made. And rest easy knowing that you are getting the same strong potency.